A glass capable of slowing the progression of myopia in children

As we know, myopia affects more and more people today. It must be said that our near vision is highly requested by our modern way of life and the very common use of screens. A new glass would slow the development of myopia in children.

The manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses are constantly working to develop new and ever more sophisticated lenses. Two years ago now, Carl Zeiss Vision , one of the world’s leading manufacturers, launched an eyeglass lens in Asia capable of slowing the progression of myopia in children. Remember that today, nearly 25% of the world’s population is nearsighted and that this figure is expected to increase further in the decades to come.
Developed in collaboration with an Australian medical team from the Vision Cooperative Research Center (CRC Vision), MyoVision single vision lenses of course correct myopia to see better, but, thanks to their particular geometry, they also make it possible to stop the progression of axile myopia. (a form of progressive myopia). ” The very particular geometry of the spectacle lens allows a ‘stop signal’ to be sent to the eye which will reduce the progression of this form of myopia. Indeed, the design of the MyoVision lens makes it possible to focus in one point on the retina (the fovea), improving central vision. The eye is thus relieved, its elongation due to focusing difficulties is stopped and the progression of myopia slowed”, explains Carl Zeiss Vision. Tested for a year on 210 children at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, they have reduced the progression of myopia by 30%.
MyoVision lenses were presented for the first time in France at the congress of the Association des optométristes de France (AOF) last January This new kind of glasses that correct the development of visual disturbances will certainly be one of the main avenues of research for glassmakers for years to come.

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