Choosing a Tablet Holder For Trucks

For trucking professionals who need to stay connected and complete tasks on the road, a tablet holder can be indispensable. The best truck tablet mounts are strong and durable to keep tablets in place even during rough driving conditions.

This CD slot car tablet holder mounts to the CD player “mouth” via secure clamping arms and works with smartphones and tablets up to 11 inches in diagonal width. It has some limitations though, including the possibility of blocking HVAC, radio or factory navigation screens.

Leverage-Based Mounts

If you’re not ready to commit to a cup holder or headrest tablet mount, consider a leverage-based mount. These can attach to your car’s air vent slot, CD slot, or the stem of a headrest. They’re good for passengers in the back seat who want digital entertainment or need to use a navigation device while driving. They can also minimize eye strain by positioning the screen at your preferred height.

These mounts are a bit more secure than cup holder mounts and work best with tablets up to 18 inches wide. They’re easy to install and have many mounting angles, so you can find a position that works for you and your passenger. Some models have a long pole that can be swiveled, so you can adjust the angle of your tablet for both landscape and portrait viewing. The iKross seat rail mount, for example, offers a lot of mounting options and is easy to install without tools.

Cup Holder Mounts

Those looking for a car or truck tablet holder with easy installation will find cup holder mounts useful. The base of these mounts twist to adjust the size of the gripping arms, so they fit most standard auto/truck cup holders. They are made with a carbon fiber design that is both strong and light. These mounts feature Arkon’s RoadVise XL large phone and midsize tablet holder that supports devices with or without skins or rugged cases.

This suction cup mounted car tablet holder fits tablets 7 to 18 inches in screen size and features adjustable legs that let you choose the best position to keep your device easily viewable. The mount also has a 360-degree swivel neck that lets you find the perfect viewing angle and a quick release button for when you’re not using your vehicle. This is a great choice for those with cars where the vents, cup holders or seat rails don’t provide convenient locations for a car tablet mount.

Suction Cup Mounts

A suction cup mount offers a convenient way to place your tablet on any flat surface that’s not porous. These include the hood of your truck, windshields, glass cabinets and many other items found in vehicles and homes. You can even use them for mounting cameras, lights or microphones on vehicles, boats or other surfaces.

A 4.5-inch pump activated suction base holds securely on flat or gentle curved surfaces like windows, fiberglass hulls and counter tops. This holder features a dual articulation arm to ensure you’re able to position your device in just the right spot.

This holder works well with our ProClip exact-fit dashboard mounts and backseat headrest mounts to bring hands-free tablet viewing to your vehicle. However, it can block HVAC or radio screens as well as the factory back up camera display when mounted on the dashboard.

Car Headrest Mounts

Car headrest mounts for tablets give you a hands-free way to entertain backseat passengers on road trips. They swivel 360 degrees and secure your tablet to prevent slippage, even over bumpy terrain or sharp turns.

They attach to seat headrest bars and are tested for crash safety standards. Most models offer a quick and simple mounting process, so you can use them in seconds. Some have adjustable arms that accommodate tablets ranging from 7 to over 18 inches, making them suitable for families and professionals alike.

Before you purchase a car tablet holder, make sure that it fits your device. Most models provide their dimensions by referencing the diagonal of the screen, and some only work with specific types of air vents or headrest bars of a certain length and width. Some also work only in vehicles with flat bottomed cup holders that are either nonexistent or located inconveniently. TFY’s seat rail extending mount has a 22-inch arm that lets you position the holder facing either direction for maximum comfort and functionality.

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