What Is Green Building?


Green building has become more important than ever in today’s eco-conscious society. With rising energy costs, more buildings are looking for ways to cut their ecological footprint. A growing number of companies, governmental entities, educational institutions, and homeowners are choosing to go with green options for everything from heating and cooling systems to office renovations and garden landscaping. Many building owners and managers have already taken the green building to the next level by choosing energy efficient materials and by implementing “green” practices themselves. Today’s green buildings are recognized as keystones of eco-friendliness.

But what exactly is a green building? Green building simply refers to the application and management of environmentally responsible and resource-effective practices during the life-cycle of a building: from design to planning, construction, operation, repair, and maintenance, and decoration. As the name implies, green buildings take advantage of environmentally sound construction practices to conserve the natural environment. Green buildings aim to reduce or to eliminate the negative environmental impacts caused by their design and construction. The result is the extended life of the building, increased comfort, safety, and reliability, as well as a reduction in the need for extensive upkeep and cleaning. Not only does the green building offer tangible benefits to its users and the environment, but it also has intangible benefits such as better employee engagement and retention, higher property values, and reduced dependence on external contractors.

One of the most significant benefits of green building practices is the use of sustainable and recycled materials. These materials, when used in buildings, reduce the demand for natural resources such as fossil fuels, thus reducing the overall amount of pollution generated by a building. Additionally, sustainable materials reduce the amount of energy needed to power a building, making buildings more environmentally friendly. In addition to reducing pollution and waste, sustainable materials to ensure a longer lifespan for the building, greater resilience to climate change, improved durability, and savings on the materials and labor necessary to build the structure.

Green building research seeks to understand, promote, and increase the efficiency with which buildings are designed, built, maintained, and operated. Green building practices employ efficient and reliable technology, including sustainable construction practices, energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency management, and maintenance of the building as an integrated whole. Energy efficiency is particularly important in buildings that house people, creating greater needs for low-greenhouse heat and energy consumption. Renewable energy efficiency involves using technologies to generate energy from renewable resources, such as the sun, wind, geothermal or hydroelectricity, and recycled or recyclable materials. These practices can reduce the total cost of a building project, making it more cost-effective.

Green building practices also include initiatives to reduce indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution comprises a broad range of sources such as cigarette smoke, spores, pet dander, dust mites, humidity, radon gas, and tobacco smoke. A green building program promotes energy efficiency in all buildings, with particular attention given to ventilation. This effort focuses on improving air quality throughout the structure, improving occupant health, reducing indoor pollution, as well as minimizing energy costs. Green building research has found certain elements, such as multi-level heating and air conditioning systems, that promote air quality while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

Green developments also seek to protect human health by reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings on human health and the environment. Green developments can improve air quality, enhance the comfort and safety of occupants, improve indoor air quality, promote greater energy efficiency, and decrease occupant exposure to allergens and pollutants. A green development project may contribute to improved air quality by reducing indoor air pollution due to a variety of sources (e.g., inadequate ventilation, existing fumes, solvents, and VOCs). These improvements will in turn improve occupant health and safety by eliminating or minimizing the risks of respiratory illnesses such as asthma, allergies, and sinusitis. These measures will also contribute to improved indoor air quality, thereby contributing to a healthier occupant and decreasing the indoor air pollution levels in commercial, institutional, and public buildings.

Green building research aims to create buildings that have improved energy efficiency, greater environmental impact, and a smaller environmental footprint. To attain this goal, the study of sustainable architecture focuses on building designs that are sustainable both economically and environmentally. Green projects incorporate design and materials that use renewable resources, employ sustainable construction methods, use energy efficient equipment and materials, and promote a better indoor air quality than that present in buildings with traditional building techniques. In addition, green building research seeks to create buildings that can effectively address legal requirements concerning compliance with building regulations and codes. This includes the implementation of procedures for maintaining environmental health and safety at work, the documentation and reporting of the building’s environmental performance, and the review and approval of operations manuals and policies.

Indoor air quality is one of the most crucial factors contributing to adverse health effects to occupants of buildings. Green developments aim to create buildings that are safer for everyone, providing a positive ambiance and stimulating energy efficiency. The overall environment of sustainable structures is one in which occupants can relax, enjoy physical activity, socialize, participate in cultural events, and pursue other recreational or wellness activities. With improved energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, occupants of green buildings are able to enjoy their time at home while breathing cleaner air. These benefits create a happier, healthier workforce, which improves productivity and increases overall profitability.

Businesses in Wellington Can Use SEO Services


Professional SEO service in Wellington can be a great asset to businesses of all sizes. The internet is an ever-changing and ever-growing phenomenon, and if you are not using the best possible methods to drive traffic to your website, then you could be leaving money on the table. SEO services are a cost-effective way of getting more people to visit your website and to bring more visitors to it.

Internet marketing services in Wellington are essential to get your site noticed by web search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that your website shows up high on the top ten search results page for any particular keyword that you are targeting. The top ten ranking positions are determined by the number of searches for that keyword on the internet. This allows a business to get more customers and more potential clients.

SEO service in Wellington is used for business websites that offer a range of products or services. There are many types of businesses that use SEO services. Some companies provide these services to businesses that own their own retail stores, restaurants, cafes and other similar establishments. Other businesses provide SEO service to larger businesses, who also offer a range of services. The services are also often offered to other businesses that supply services to the public.

If you are planning to use the services of a professional SEO company in Wellington, make sure you take the time to research their experience and qualifications before signing anything. The company will be able to give you an idea of the amount of time they will have on their hands and the cost they charge for each service. You should ask questions about how often they update their lists, whether the information is kept current and if the team can provide you with a guarantee on the success of the service.

Once the website is submitted to web search engines, the website needs to be properly optimised. The website will need to be able to show up on the first pages of the search engines. It needs to be easy to use and navigate, as well as having the correct keywords in order to be able to attract more visitors to it.

There are many different ways that web search engine submission services can be achieved, from writing articles and submitting them to blogs to writing a website based on what you want to achieve and submitting it to various article directories. There are some websites that will even allow a company to submit their website to more than one directory. The reason this is so beneficial to business owners is that it means they can promote their business to a wider audience.

Another type of SEO service that a website can benefit from is social media marketing. By posting articles on different blogs, social networking sites and forums, people can see a company that has a presence online. The more visibility a company gets, the more people are able to see and read it. This can increase a company’s brand and can encourage more people to visit the website.

By using an SEO service in Wellington, businesses can ensure that they have increased traffic to their website. The more visitors, the better chances there are of more sales and more customers. They will increase their website’s search engine ranking and be able to increase their revenue.

As mentioned above, there are many different techniques that can be used when it comes to social media marketing. There are articles written about a certain product and then posted on blogs and sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are also videos uploaded to YouTube, uploaded to Vimeo and uploaded to other video sharing websites. These videos can be uploaded and then uploaded again in order to increase their visibility.

Websites can also take advantage of social bookmarking, whereby they post links and files that are related to their products. or services on other websites. For example, a website could bookmark images of their logos or any time after they have written the text of their page. When other websites read this content, they will be directed to the website in question, thus increasing its chances of being read.

Companies in Wellington that offer web search engine submission services are there to help businesses in need. As long as the company offers something of value and makes sure the client is satisfied with the service, then they should be able to provide a company with great results. However, businesses that use these types of SEO services should only use companies that offer good customer service and have a proven track record of success.

The Benefits of Paying Attention to the Right SEO Firm


Your business or website is a reflection of you, and you would be wise to pay attention to the Brisbane SEO. The business can easily be turned into a success by using the right strategies.

Having a site on the World Wide Web can bring a lot of positive results for your business, whether it’s selling a product or service or generating money from visitors’ activity. However, if you are to establish a strong presence in the Web, you need to get the help of a professional firm, and you will have to spend money on having a Brisbane SEO firm to do the job.

In addition, maintaining your presence on the Web involves more than just advertising. There are so many other things you should be concerned about, and a company that knows what it is doing will be able to help you optimize your business.

The first thing to take care of is your website’s content, because this is what people find when they search for your business or service. Good content will attract the kind of traffic that you need, and the same goes for your business site.

To attract customers to your business, you should offer plenty of interesting information and content. A good site should also have keywords and other relevant keywords within the content, in order to let your customers find what they want.

A good SEO firm in Brisbane can also do search engine optimization for your site, making sure that the content is optimized so that it gets ranked well in the search engines. They will be able to come up with a customized solution for your business, ensuring that your site is being found quickly.

A good Brisbane SEO firm will do the work that is important to your business, such as improving your content, optimizing your site and doing keyword research. This means that all these work together to make your business shine.

Another benefit of using a firm for business on the Web is that they can have you marketing your business in a timely manner. You can opt for a range of services, including blogging, article writing, social media marketing and even email marketing.

When you have a professional service that you can trust, you can spend less time trying to do things yourself, and more time marketing your business. Because they have experts who know the business, they can get the work done faster and more efficiently.

Hiring a professional SEO firm for your business on the Web can be a great strategy, but it is not the only one. By setting up a blog and writing a few articles, you can have a serious impact on the public, while building your credibility and reputation.

At the same time, you can take advantage of social media marketing and include those services to your business on the Web. The value of these services can get you more traffic, as well as having more success as a result.

Whatever you do to market your business on the Web, make sure that you have professional help. These professionals know how to handle and design a site for the public, and they are the ones to ensure that you make the most of it.

Presbyopia: Which glasses for which uses?

From the age of 45 on average, everyone experiences increasing difficulty in seeing up close: this is presbyopia . The easiest way to correct it is to wear progressive lenses that allow you to see well at all distances and in all circumstances. But for some activities, it may be worth investing in a complementary pair, designed for specific needs. Explanations.

All forties know this growing discomfort to see up close, which results from aging of the lens. To compensate for this difficulty, which is called presbyopia , several choices are possible. Most presbyopics (around two-thirds, mostly nearsighted or astigmatic people who are already used to glasses) opt for progressive lenses. Their advantage? They bring together, on the same surface, all the corrections necessary to see well in all circumstances. Since their creation at the end of the 1950s by an Essilor engineer, considerable progress has been made and few carriers still encounter real adaptation problems. Yet some are not entirely satisfied, despite these technological advances.

Finely assessing your needs
” An optical system always requires a compromise. And there can be no compromise that can actually satisfy everyone ,” says Daniel Lichtman, president of Essor, a lens manufacturer.which launched a new lens called “adaptive” aimed at all those who are not satisfied with classic progressive lenses, due to very specific needs. The number of people who are still dissatisfied with progressive lenses remains a minority. The fact remains that for certain professions (doctors, dentists, etc.) or activities (playing a musical instrument, sport, computer, for example), the progressive generates disappointments.
To remedy this, lens manufacturers have been developing personalized lenses for a few years, which incorporate measures and elements specific to each wearer. But more and more, they also offer glasses specifically adapted to an activity, whether it is working on a screen, sport, driving , etc. The principle is simple: it is simply a question of evaluating your real needs with the optician and of having the equipment that you use in a specific context. For example, if, like the vast majority of French people, you spend more than four hours in front of a computer screen, you need a progressive lens with excellent near vision and very good intermediate vision. On the other hand, if you drive a lot, you should have excellent distance and intermediate views.
“It is quite profitable for spectacle wearers to combine a universal progressive which allows them to see well at any distance and, in addition, a second pair of glasses which they use for a specific activity. Carriers understand this well on condition that this second piece of equipment is of high quality and corresponds exactly to their needs ” , explains Frédérique Laville-Leroy, Marketing Director of Essilor, who has just launched a communication campaign on this subject in the stores of optics (“Do you play sports with your dress shoes? What about your glasses?”) It is therefore essential to think carefully about the use you make of your glasses to really regain your ability to see well in all circumstances. “Rather than talking about adapting the wearer to the progressive lens, we have to turn the formula around and offer each customer, according to their needs, progressives that adapt to them “, concludes Daniel Lichtman.


A glass capable of slowing the progression of myopia in children

As we know, myopia affects more and more people today. It must be said that our near vision is highly requested by our modern way of life and the very common use of screens. A new glass would slow the development of myopia in children.

The manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses are constantly working to develop new and ever more sophisticated lenses. Two years ago now, Carl Zeiss Vision , one of the world’s leading manufacturers, launched an eyeglass lens in Asia capable of slowing the progression of myopia in children. Remember that today, nearly 25% of the world’s population is nearsighted and that this figure is expected to increase further in the decades to come.
Developed in collaboration with an Australian medical team from the Vision Cooperative Research Center (CRC Vision), MyoVision single vision lenses of course correct myopia to see better, but, thanks to their particular geometry, they also make it possible to stop the progression of axile myopia. (a form of progressive myopia). ” The very particular geometry of the spectacle lens allows a ‘stop signal’ to be sent to the eye which will reduce the progression of this form of myopia. Indeed, the design of the MyoVision lens makes it possible to focus in one point on the retina (the fovea), improving central vision. The eye is thus relieved, its elongation due to focusing difficulties is stopped and the progression of myopia slowed”, explains Carl Zeiss Vision. Tested for a year on 210 children at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, they have reduced the progression of myopia by 30%.
MyoVision lenses were presented for the first time in France at the congress of the Association des optométristes de France (AOF) last January This new kind of glasses that correct the development of visual disturbances will certainly be one of the main avenues of research for glassmakers for years to come.

Varilux offers an accessible version of its latest revolution

Are you presbyopic and do not want to buy progressives for fear of not adapting to this type of lens? You are like 90% of non-progressive carriers. To respond to this concern, Essilor launched a new generation of immediate-fit lenses two years ago, of which the glassmaker now offers a version accessible to as many people as possible.

Until the launch in 2012 of the Varilux S Series, everything progressive was based on a compromise: given the variation in power (several corrections on the same lens), it was necessary to either favour the field of vision or the reduction of the effects of pitching. All of this could lead to adaptation difficulties. End of the compromise with the Varilux S Series which reduces the effects of pitching and allows immediate adaptation, without compromising on the quality of vision. Since April 2014, Essilor has been making this revolution accessible to everyone with the latest addition to the Varilux Series family, the E Series. Same technology as its predecessor with less complexity in its design: result, 50% reduction in pitching effects and no compromise on adaptation. Enough to overcome the reluctance of many presbyopes …

Commercial offers: who does what?

In the nebula of promotional offers, there is sometimes enough to lose your Latin! A small presentation of the different types of offers, recurring or more original, that you will surely come across in your search for ideal glasses.

The famous second pair
Today, almost all major brands offer the second pair of glasses, for one euro, after your first purchase. But beware, this is not systematic.
In most cases, this offer is subject to a minimum amount for your first purchase. The second pair consists of a frame usually chosen from a particular collection and two lenses without treatments with the same correction as for your first equipment. However, some may offer you to choose your second pair of glasses from the entire store ( Optical Center ) or to opt for sunglasses in your sight ( Optic 2ooo ).
Do not hesitate to ask the opticians near you for brochures on their second pair offer. Carefully read the full terms and restrictions often shown in small print. You will thus learn if your correction corresponds to the imposed limits if your tastes can be satisfied.

Packages for your budget
If your first criterion of choice is the price , you should find what you are looking for among the many packages offered by the brands: a fixed price, often low, which avoids surprises when going to checkout. There are packages for one or two pairs of glasses (eyeglasses or sunglasses), for own brands or designer labels( Générale d’Optique, Lynx Optique, Krys …). They are often limited in time (for the launch of an exclusive model, for the start of the school year), so don’t hesitate when you have found the right one!
Some packages only concern glasses. They can be a good alternative for those who wish to focus on the quality of their lenses rather than the aesthetics or originality of their frames.

Loyalty cards
More and more brands give you loyalty cards. Free, or offered for a few euros, they will give you access to additional services or guarantees in the event of the breakage or theft of your glasses: enough to live for several years without any worry.
Your purchases in the stores of the network are then transformed into points which will reduce the price of your future glasses, or even allow you to offer a pair to a member of your family ( Lissac ).

Original offers
Despite the multitude of existing offers, each year the brands find new possibilities to innovate commercially. For example, GrandOpticalcreated the event with its Les Pourcent’Ages offer. The price of your frame is reduced by the percentage corresponding to your age. If you are 40 years old, you get 40% off your mount, for the purchase of complete equipment. Childishly simple! Please note, it is not available all year round.
Another place, another offer. New brands celebrated the opening of their stores by offering or drastically reducing the price of equipment for their first customers, creating incredible queues in front of the doors of the points of sale. Alain Afflelou set up in 2009 a credit system which also allows you to pay for your glasses in monthly instalments. Convenient for small budgets.
Stay tuned, new original commercial offers will certainly emerge in the coming months. A knowledgeable eyeglass wearer is worth two.

What about independent opticians?
In France, 10,500 stores share the market. Among them, of course, not all are branded. Almost half of them are run by independent opticians, who alone manage all aspects of their point of sale: brands and models presented on the shelves, but also commercial practice. Each being free, it is impossible to draw up a list of the offers practised. A large majority offer the second pair offered but, once again, this is not an obligation and some opticians will prefer to present you with additional service guarantees or products that you will not find in everyone …

To summarize …
To find the glasses of your dreams, do not hesitate to prospect before making your purchase: assess the importance of your selection criteria ( price, brands, the creators…), consult the websites of the brands, subscribe to the newsletters to stay informed, tour the points of sale near you, collect the brochures then read all the access conditions.
Depending on your correction, certain forms of glasses or certain lenses included in the offers may not necessarily suit you. In any case, ask all your questions to your optician. As an eye care professional, he can provide you with valuable advice to achieve a good compromise between price, aesthetics and visual disturbance. Another very important point not to be overlooked: after-sales. Carefully review the guarantees in case of loss, theft, breakage. You might as well think about it now to have a free spirit in the event of a problem!

Who are the glass manufacturers?

There are many manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses who share the French market. Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of the five most important on the French and world markets.

They are the ones who give impetus to the market through their power in research and development and their capacity for innovation. Do not hesitate to visit their sites, which will allow you to know a little more about their different ranges of products.

• BBGR : French company, subsidiary of the Essilor group

• Carl Zeiss Vision : German manufacturer

• Essilor : French manufacturer, world number one

• Hoya : Japanese manufacturer
www.hoya. en

• Rodenstock : German manufacturer

There are also many manufacturers on the French market with a national or even regional dimension, designing products of excellent quality. Besides the marks of signs proposed by some large distributors as Afflelou , Optic 2ooo or Krys .

Contact lenses: what budget?

Have you chosen to wear contact lenses? You will have to factor in your budget the cost of adaptation, lenses and maintenance solutions.

The cost of the adaptation
The cost of your adaptation in contact lenses will depend on a number of factors varying according to the complexity of your case, knowing that it takes three or four appointments with the specialist of the adaptation. First step: a visit to the ophthalmologist for the consultation. It is at this point that the possibility or not of wearing contact lenses will be determined. It will cost you the price of a visit to a specialist doctor and will be covered by Social Security. From there, if you have no contraindication, your ophthalmologist will offer you an adaptation package that can vary from 80 to 200 euros. Invoicing will be done on plain paper.
For specific adaptations relating to therapeutic problems, the adaptation will also be reimbursed by Social Security.

The cost of contact lenses
The purchase price of your contact lenses will mainly depend on your need for correction and the choice of the type of lenses. The distribution channel you choose will have little influence on the final price.
For rigid lenses permeable to oxygen, count from 250 to 450 euros per pair for single vision lenses and from 350 to 450 euros per pair for progressive lenses.
For soft lenses traditional, your budget will be between 180 and 230 euros per pair in single focus and between 340 and 450 euros for progressive lenses. The lifespan of these two types of lenses can vary from 12 to 24 months depending on how dirty they are. It will be linked to two factors: the quality of your tears and your maintenance.
The soft lenses frequent renewal is, in turn, typically sold in boxes of ten lenses. The faster the rate of renewal, the higher the price. The annual budget for your frequently-renewed lenses will be between 100 and 450 euros for simple homes and between 280 and 480 euros for progressive lenses.
Finally, the daily lenses are packaged in boxes of 30 or even 90 lenses. They will cost you between 1 and 1.80 euros per pair per day, which makes an annual budget of 360 to 650 euros for single focus lenses.
For progressive daily lenses, the daily price is around 3 euros or an annual budget of over 1,100 euros. The use of this type of lenses will therefore be preferred for occasional wear, replacing traditional lenses or glasses. However, they have a budget advantage: there is no need to add the cost of cleaning products.

The cost of maintenance solutions
The brands and packages of cleaning and preservative products for your contact lenses are very numerous. The longer the advertised lifespan of your lenses, the more carefully you need to maintain them; the allocated budget will therefore also be larger.
For daily lenses, this cost is zero, since they do not require any maintenance. For frequently replaced lenses, the annual budget will be 50 to 90 euros. It will go from 80 to 120 euros for traditional soft lenses and rigid ones gas permeable. Fitting specialists often offer purchases in sets of two or three vials at attractive prices. Pay attention to the use-by dates and your storage conditions!
Also, remember to buy your daily maintenance products in small packages and to get dosages of physiological saline without preservative. They will often be of great help to you when travelling and on vacation.


11 tips for choosing the right glasses

The choice of your frame should not be done by chance. If you are a little apprehensive about your visit to the optician, here is a list of little tips that will help you make the right choice for sure.

•  At the foot!
If possible, look at yourself in a full-length mirror when trying on a frame. The glasses are part of your body and must be consistent with it.

•  Eyelashes and eyebrows
Common sense dictates that your glasses should not touch the tips of your eyelashes. As a general rule, look for a model that follows the line of your eyebrows. To be avoided: the frame which covers them. Your eyebrows should not show behind the lenses of your glasses but simply highlight them.

•  From the nose
Your glasses should sit well on your nose. Is it too long? You can “reduce” it by opting for a low-bridge frame, if possible in a dark colour, which, by positioning itself lower, will give the impression that your nose is shorter.

•  High cheekbones!
A question of comfort and aesthetics, your glasses should not rest on the top of your cheeks, even when you smile.

•  Skin tone
Take your skin tone into account when choosing the colour of your frame. If you are rather pale, a colourful pair of glasses will make you look good.

•  Anti-aging
By softening your features, a light-coloured frame will reduce the perception of wrinkles. Conversely, dark glasses, which contrast strongly with your complexion, can harden your features, but also affirm your personality.

•  Lifting effect Is
your face a little droopy? Butterfly-shaped glasses will stretch your features upwards and compensate for the feeling of relaxation.

•  A short forehead?
Choose a slim one-colour model so it doesn’t weigh down the top of your face.

•  Mind-blowing
Match the colour of your glasses with that of your hair and don’t forget to counterbalance the effect of your hairstyle. If your hair is pulled back, avoid wearing overly strict glasses that will reinforce the harsh side of your look.

• A fringe?
Watch out for the mass effect with very voluminous glasses that reach the level of the hair.

•  Myopic or hyperopic makeup? Take this into account when applying makeup! Myopic eyes appear smaller behind concave lenses
glasses. Enlarge them with a white pencil line towards the inside of the eye and stretch them with a touch of mascara and light or iridescent eyeshadow towards the outer corner. Behind your hyperopic glasses, your eyes will look bigger. Rebalance your eyes with a line of black kohl inside the eye, eyeliner or a touch of darker, matte eye shadow along the lashes.