Pros and Cons of Each Type of Office Coffee Machines


If you’re tired of drinking cold coffee from a mug, then you should consider investing in one of the many office coffee machines currently on the market. Single-serve coffee machines (which include single-serve single-cup coffee machines and coffee kettles) make coffee very quickly, typically at just the touch of a finger. These machines will certainly leave you hung up with a full pot of cold coffee that nobody wants to drink. On the other hand, there are single-serve machines that can be set up and left unattended for hours or days at a time. The good news is that most of these single-serve machines are very affordable, making them a great investment for the home or office.

When it comes to buying these machines, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. The price range varies widely between different makers, so it’s best to browse around to find the right machine for your needs. Once you have a price range in mind, you’ll also want to check into specific features or options. For example, some machines brew coffee with or without a warming plate, which can be a significant money saver when you’re on a budget.

A warming plate allows you to brew a cup of coffee on your own, without worrying about whether or not the beans will remain hot until you get ready to enjoy it. Another option is a “pod” style coffee maker, which allow you to brew smaller batches of specialty coffee pods. These are generally less expensive than K-Cups, but offer only a fraction of the flavor and freshness of traditionally ground coffee beans. If you’re only brewing a few beans at a time, a pod coffee maker may be the perfect fit for your budget.

How many cups of coffee does it make? Most units come standard with six ounces of water. Depending on the brand and model, this number can vary. If you need to brew a lot of cups at once, consider purchasing a unit with a larger brew basket, which allows you to brew more servings and save money in the process.

Which key features are important to you? While price is obviously a consideration, it shouldn’t be the only factor in your final decision. While some brands may offer key features like an integrated water tank, others may not include one at all. If you need an automatic drip coffee maker and it doesn’t automatically shut off after five minutes, is one-touch brewing important to you?

The final major consideration is the coffee maker’s ability to brew coffee using coffee pods or pre-ground coffee beans. Some people enjoy using pre-ground coffee pods while others swear by the instant cup-from-the-box option. The type of coffee bean you choose will have a significant impact on how your coffee tastes and also determines how much you pay. Kona coffee beans, which are among the highest quality and most desired, cost quite a bit more than other types.

To gain a competitive advantage in your office, make sure your machine offers the features you need. One option to improve your machine’s brewing efficiency is to purchase a coffee machine that brews not only individual cups at a time, but also allows you to adjust the strength of the brew to your preference. This will ensure that your every-day coffee is the strongest and best you’ve ever had. In addition, choosing a machine with a burr grinder will help increase your coffee’s freshness and allow you to control the flavor of your brew.

Office coffee makers are a necessary expense if you wish to provide your employees with the option of having their favorite caffeine-based beverages. However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each brand before you make a final decision on purchasing one. You can compare prices online, read reviews, and visit the websites of the different companies. If you’re not sure what the best brand names are, do some research or ask others who work in the same office space. Whatever your choice, office machines are likely to significantly improve your office’s ambiance.

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