Varilux offers an accessible version of its latest revolution

Are you presbyopic and do not want to buy progressives for fear of not adapting to this type of lens? You are like 90% of non-progressive carriers. To respond to this concern, Essilor launched a new generation of immediate-fit lenses two years ago, of which the glassmaker now offers a version accessible to as many people as possible.

Until the launch in 2012 of the Varilux S Series, everything progressive was based on a compromise: given the variation in power (several corrections on the same lens), it was necessary to either favour the field of vision or the reduction of the effects of pitching. All of this could lead to adaptation difficulties. End of the compromise with the Varilux S Series which reduces the effects of pitching and allows immediate adaptation, without compromising on the quality of vision. Since April 2014, Essilor has been making this revolution accessible to everyone with the latest addition to the Varilux Series family, the E Series. Same technology as its predecessor with less complexity in its design: result, 50% reduction in pitching effects and no compromise on adaptation. Enough to overcome the reluctance of many presbyopes …

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