Cheap Bins in Auckland

There are many options to choose from when it comes to buying cheap bins in Auckland. Some of these options include budget bins, pay-as-you-throw bins, wheelie bins and pick-up zones.

Budget bins

You may not have heard of Budget Bins before but they have been around for a few years now and have become a staple in the Auckland region. They offer a plethora of bin options and are sure to meet your waste management needs, be it for your office, school, business, or even the local community. As well as the bins themselves, the company also offers a range of recycling services for businesses. In fact, they were voted the best bin hire in the city in 2014.

For businesses of all types and sizes, a bin is essential. It is the cost effective solution for your rubbish removal needs. The cheapest bins start at $190 and can be rented for a whole week. There are also a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your workforce. Some may need to dispose of rubbish on a regular basis, while others need a more specialised bin that can be used only for specific materials.

Pay-as-you-throw bins

In 2013, waste accounted for 9.3% of Auckland’s greenhouse gas emissions. The city’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan aims to reduce rubbish by at least 40% by 2040.

In 2012, the council launched a Waste to Resources project, which involved a community-based approach to improve resource efficiency in the city. It also encourages pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) pricing. This helps the city achieve its target of reducing waste at the source, while finding new ways to reuse and recycle materials.

In 2017, the council introduced a new pay-as-you-throw service to parts of West Auckland, the North Shore, and Papakura. The new system uses microchips to record each time the bin is emptied.

Residents can buy tags from local supermarkets or dairy stores, and place them on the bin on the day the rubbish is collected. However, the pay-as-you-throw system has been found to cost more than rate-paid rubbish removal.

The council has now proposed to move all areas back to rate-paid rubbish removal. The rates-funded rubbish service would cost less than the current PAYT system, but could mean higher prices for low-waste households.
Wheelie bins

If you live in Auckland you’ve probably noticed a change in your wheelie bin. It’s more roomy and has more capacity. This means your rubbish can be recycled easier and less likely to end up in the trash. Plus, there’s a little less smell!

The new 240-litre wheelie bins are aimed at replacing up to three 45-litre crates per household, and will be collected fortnightly. Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of these new beauties will be able to dispose of six bags of rubbish a week, as well.

However, this isn’t the only way the council is planning to recycle waste. They’re also investing $20 million in a recycling plant to mechanically sort rubbish.

In addition, the city is also on the lookout for better ways to manage organic waste. A new food scraps bin is in the works, while a garden waste bin may also be in the works.

The city is also looking at the possibility of implementing a user-pays system. This would allow residents to choose the size of their 120-litre wheelie bins, and would save the council $30 million in rates.

Pick-up zones

There are a lot of skip bin companies in Auckland. They offer different sizes and drop off zones. For example, if you live in West Auckland, you’ll have your skip delivered to Waitakere Transfer Station. But if you live in South Auckland, your skip will end up at Papakura.

The most important factor is the cost of getting the rubbish to the facility. This is a big factor in whether a bin is cheap or expensive. Some New Zealanders have to pay for bin tags, while others just dump the rubbish on the street.

In the Auckland City Centre, there is a special bag collection, where properties that pay for waste disposal receive orange rubbish bags. This is a cheaper alternative to the red kerbside bin. However, you will have to purchase a weekly tag.

Another way to dispose of rubbish is with a Gorilla Bag. These are flat packed bags. You can use them for holding junk from home renovations, social clubs, or schools. Plus, they don’t melt in the sunlight, so they’re ideal for indoors.

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