Contact lenses: what budget?

Have you chosen to wear contact lenses? You will have to factor in your budget the cost of adaptation, lenses and maintenance solutions.

The cost of the adaptation
The cost of your adaptation in contact lenses will depend on a number of factors varying according to the complexity of your case, knowing that it takes three or four appointments with the specialist of the adaptation. First step: a visit to the ophthalmologist for the consultation. It is at this point that the possibility or not of wearing contact lenses will be determined. It will cost you the price of a visit to a specialist doctor and will be covered by Social Security. From there, if you have no contraindication, your ophthalmologist will offer you an adaptation package that can vary from 80 to 200 euros. Invoicing will be done on plain paper.
For specific adaptations relating to therapeutic problems, the adaptation will also be reimbursed by Social Security.

The cost of contact lenses
The purchase price of your contact lenses will mainly depend on your need for correction and the choice of the type of lenses. The distribution channel you choose will have little influence on the final price.
For rigid lenses permeable to oxygen, count from 250 to 450 euros per pair for single vision lenses and from 350 to 450 euros per pair for progressive lenses.
For soft lenses traditional, your budget will be between 180 and 230 euros per pair in single focus and between 340 and 450 euros for progressive lenses. The lifespan of these two types of lenses can vary from 12 to 24 months depending on how dirty they are. It will be linked to two factors: the quality of your tears and your maintenance.
The soft lenses frequent renewal is, in turn, typically sold in boxes of ten lenses. The faster the rate of renewal, the higher the price. The annual budget for your frequently-renewed lenses will be between 100 and 450 euros for simple homes and between 280 and 480 euros for progressive lenses.
Finally, the daily lenses are packaged in boxes of 30 or even 90 lenses. They will cost you between 1 and 1.80 euros per pair per day, which makes an annual budget of 360 to 650 euros for single focus lenses.
For progressive daily lenses, the daily price is around 3 euros or an annual budget of over 1,100 euros. The use of this type of lenses will therefore be preferred for occasional wear, replacing traditional lenses or glasses. However, they have a budget advantage: there is no need to add the cost of cleaning products.

The cost of maintenance solutions
The brands and packages of cleaning and preservative products for your contact lenses are very numerous. The longer the advertised lifespan of your lenses, the more carefully you need to maintain them; the allocated budget will therefore also be larger.
For daily lenses, this cost is zero, since they do not require any maintenance. For frequently replaced lenses, the annual budget will be 50 to 90 euros. It will go from 80 to 120 euros for traditional soft lenses and rigid ones gas permeable. Fitting specialists often offer purchases in sets of two or three vials at attractive prices. Pay attention to the use-by dates and your storage conditions!
Also, remember to buy your daily maintenance products in small packages and to get dosages of physiological saline without preservative. They will often be of great help to you when travelling and on vacation.


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