Who are the glass manufacturers?

There are many manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses who share the French market. Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of the five most important on the French and world markets.

They are the ones who give impetus to the market through their power in research and development and their capacity for innovation. Do not hesitate to visit their sites, which will allow you to know a little more about their different ranges of products.

• BBGR : French company, subsidiary of the Essilor group

• Carl Zeiss Vision : German manufacturer

• Essilor : French manufacturer, world number one

• Hoya : Japanese manufacturer
www.hoya. en

• Rodenstock : German manufacturer

There are also many manufacturers on the French market with a national or even regional dimension, designing products of excellent quality. Besides the marks of signs proposed by some large distributors as Afflelou , Optic 2ooo or Krys .

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